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Peace of Mind Since 1959

For over 50 years, Consolidated Insurance Brokers Limited has served clients in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. We offer a wide variety of business and personal insurance choices through many reputable insurance providers. Consolidated specialises in personal and home insurance, auto insurance, financial and commercial insurance and travel insurance.

Consolidated Insurance Brokers Limited is a member of the Insurance Brokers of Ontario Association and the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada.

Call us (416 446-7423) for a quote or to discuss your insurance needs.

Why hire an insurance broker?

Peace of mind

We’ll do the research. Then we’ll use our 50 years of insurance experience and knowledge to help you sift through insurance options to find the one that meets your particular needs.

To build a tailored insurance portfolio

Let us create an individualized package that fits your unique needs. We customize insurance packages effectively and efficiently.

To experience the human side of insurance

Many people go through the insurance purchase process gritting their teeth.  At Consolidated Insurance Brokers Limited, we think of ourselves as the human side of the insurance industry.  We treat our customers the way we want to be treated – with excellence, prompt attention and expert detail. We’re proud to be known as the insurance brokers who “go the extra mile.”

Call us (416 446-7423) for a quote or to discuss your insurance needs.

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