Impaired Driving – Not A Good Policy

Drinking and driving is not only illegal, it is socially and morally irresponsible.  Despite the horrific costs of impaired driving, measured not only in lives lost, injuries sustained and damage to property, the practice still continues.

Many Ontario drivers do not realize that they lose important insurance protection if they are convicted of a drinking and driving offense.  The financial consequences that they and their families will surfer in terms of loss of coverage’s can be considerable.

Did you know, your insurance company will not pay for loss or damage to your vehicle if you are unable to maintain proper control of your vehicle because you are driving under the influence of intoxicating substances?  Likewise, your insurance company will not pay for loss or damage if you are convicted of an offence such as impaired driving, driving with more than 80mg of alcohol in the blood or you refuse to provide a breath sample.

Whether you drive a car, motorcycle, snowmobile or all terrain vehicle, you could face life-long financial devastation by losing your income replacement benefits if you suffer a critical injury, or, at the very least, you could destroy your vehicle and get nothing for the value of it.

Please do not drink and drive.

If you are involved in an accident and are convicted of a drinking and driving offense, your Ontario Automobile Insurance policy will not pay:

The Income Replacement Cost Benefit;

The Non-Earner Benefits; and

Compensation for Other Expenses.

This information is compiled and copyrighted by The Insurance Brokers of Ontario